November Again

Comment By Bob L.
Oct. 13 2013

1146610_557991624256327_1137154827_nHere we are again, November is coming upon us again and some where there is an election going on, and as usual the same people are running for office, you know, the ones, they drive Cadillac’s, Mercedes-Benz, Rolls-Royce, and Limousines, and want every thing their way (for them selves).

These people don’t care about the jobs they are running for, they only want the prestige or just the name, to go around say they are working for the good of our Country, or our Children (only theirs), of what, they don’t have a clue, just to look good in front of every one in their group of Aristocrats so they can go around bragging what they have done.

Ordinary people don’t have a chance to get in or even make a change to what is happening in this Country, because these Rich only want every one to do what they want, just look at the schools today, the Federal, State , Counties, Cities, and the Unions are telling every one how they want the school to teach and what.

Lets get back to schools run by the parents, and let these parents have more say in how the school is going to be run, and not let just the school board and Unions make all the decisions of what is going to be taught, why should parents be involved when they have no voice, and then you have some that are more interested in going out and party, and could care less what happens until some thing goes wrong, then they go running and want to know why.

We need people who care about what happens and not bury their heads in the bar every time some thing goes wrong and then wonder why.

Come on people STOP letting these people take control of the future of this Country, and the future of our Children before it is too late, if you don’t stand up now you will not have another chance to get this Country back along with it’s Education, stop being a follower, be a leader and stop the plundering of the working class Americans.

Look what has happen when people let Government take control of your lives, you have Health care that will destroy Jobs, and your way of life, is this what you want.

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