Harry Reid and The Government Greedy

Comment By bob L.
Oct. 14th 2013

If this hurts, sorry, NOT, when you have other Americans wanting JOBS too!

Take a look at Reid every time they get him in a picture when they talk about the Republicans, and when he talks down about the republicans, he always has a smirk or died pan look on his face (just like Obama) when it comes to the Republicans, what is he up to, no good, like he is the only one around, and you have to do what he says.

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Here you have the GREEDY who think they are better than every one else, even though they have been

This is OUR FLAG, not that Obamination Flag

THIS IS OUR FLAG, not that Obamination Flag

out of work Twelve Days, and, a lot of Americans who pay THEIR WAGES, have been out of work for some FIVE YEARS or more, they have been told that if they want to work they have to take what they can get, no matter what it pays, now these Government workers get back pay when they return to work, so what have they lost, they did not lose their Car, Home, pay, or medical, because they could not pay for it, SO WHAT MAKES THEM THINK THEY ARE BETTER THEN THE REST OF AMERICANS, make them go out and look for a job, just like every one else, and since they were laid off just like any other Legal American worker, make them start out at minimum wage like every one else who gets laid off and goes back to work, WOW just think how much the Government would save by eliminating, THEIR Entitlements, this should go for all Government Personal, FROM the President and all his staff, the House the Senate and all their Staff, all the way to the bottom. Millionaires in Government don’t need Taxpayer to subsidize them and all their perks.

All these people work under the FLAG of Obama, not the flag of the UNITED STATES and its CONSTITUTION.
U.S. Federal workers protest against the Government shutdown outside the City View Plaza building that houses local offices of the Social Security Administration, National parks, and the Internal Revenue Service.

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