Hard Hit American People Lose Again

Comment By Bob L.
Oct. 17th 2013

Header-2You can not keep the gears turning with out the power to run them, this is what you call, the private sector has to have a job that produces a product which Government does not have, you can not continually spend money on wages with out an income from the American people, so in the mean time it is time it time to make the Government Smaller and get rid of nonessential positions, just like Washington State, it has Jobs that duplicate the same positions.

Here we go again These blotted wind bags of Washington DC are going around patting them selves on the back and saying that the Americans are the winners of their plan to sink America, maybe some Americans who are living on Obama’s taxpayer pay checks and medical, but not the Working American who has to go out and work to keep a roof over his Family’s head, they are the biggest Losers.

When are the American people going to see that you can not believe a Politician, DEMOCRAT, Republican, or Independent, they are only in there to get all the free PERKS and PROFITS from Special Interest that they can, while they sell all Americans down the river.

Most of these people who believe that Democrats are the leader of America, they are the class of Yuppies who believe money grows on trees and is never ending, and they can get any thing they want at the snap of their fingers, and most of them are public Workers who live off the Taxpayers and would not no how to go out and do a manual labor job with out complaining that it does not pay enough, they would rather sit back and watch others do the work.

Well the American People are the losers again, while these POLITICIANS will go all the way to the BANK LAUGHING at the American People now that the same people got what they wanted, AGAIN.

You can turn on the TV, Radio, pick up a paper, book and you will see all the stories saying how happy they are now that the American are the Winners from this almost Government shutdown, the winners are the ones that don’t have to buy Obamacare , because the Taxpayer is going to foot the bill for them all to have health care, while the rest of America will be trying to find out where they will come up with money for their health care.

Now what is going to happen when this all comes crashing down, is the Government going to be able to cover all these people to help them have health insurance again, or are they going to just sit back and say, we told you that it would not work, I think that it will be the latter, the crash of American, and we will be in a Lot Greater Rescission then the 1930’s.

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