AARP What Can You Say

Comment By Bob L.
Oct. 22nd 2013

AARP what can you say about them that does not have the word TRAITOR in it, I can not come up with a better word, as you can see AARP is only thinking about them selves and Profits they will now get, not protecting Legal Americans Citizens, young or old, you are all the recipiences and paying the price for their greed.

Now that they got what they wanted, The Seniors, The Disabled, and The Sick, AARP says they are for protecting them, but yet they were part of the instigating of the Affordable Care Act and by doing this, they will gain a lot of money  from Insurance Companies, and the Government.

 The problem with this is that they are also the ones who are making the American Citizen lose their Insurance that you were suppose to keep and not lose, well they are the ones that are making it to where some Insurance Companies are closing their doors, like some Seniors who have lost their Insurance and now have to find one that they can afford.

From what I understand is that they (AARP) want it so that the only Insurance Companies to be in business are the ones that are medigap insurance who they endorse [private health insurance that supplements coverage for people already covered by government insurancewhere you have to pay any where from One Hundred to Five Hundred Dollars if you want insurance, Oh that’s right, you must have insurance now or pay a fine, so now here is where KILL GRANDMA and GRANDPA comes in, they ether buy Insurance or Food, as of Jan. 1 2014 you don’t have a choice, so what is it you are going to do, start shop lifting so you can have food on the table, or try to get a food card, now if you can, is that not just another Entitlement that they want to stop.

So here we stand, a Government that controls you from birth to death (Dictator Government) that the American people put into office and let them get away with it, now what are you going to do, sit back and watch your freedom disappear and your family die in front of you while Insurance Companies, Governments, Federal, States, Counties, Cities, and the Stock Market make a profit on Stocks and any ways they can from Mandatory Insurance.

And when it all comes down to it, you will probable see more people who will become homeless, and more sick people who will not have a decent meal and who will be turned away by Government Regulations and people who are not Doctors saying who will be treated and when, and who will not.

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