Democrats Still Throwing Tantrums Like Little Kids

Comment By Bob L.
Oct. 24th 2013

obamacare-3Back in 2003 Democrats under G. W. Bush passed a bill that forced Seniors to take a drug plan that they did not want or need, and by doing this they put in a stipulation that if you don’t take it when you have to, you will be penalized, today the Democrats they again passed a bill again forcing people to take some thing that they don’t want, but this time you will not be penalized, you will be fined and carried out by the IRS.

Watching this meeting on why the internet is not working, the Democrats are still resorting to name calling and not trying to get to the problems of Obamacare and the Computer program, and they are trying to make this look like it is some thing that is nothing but a scare tactic for the people to look stupid for believing the Republicans.

Lets look at this, WHO put this Obamacare together and said, you have to PASS it if you want to know what is in it, and now that it is falling apart because they don’t even know what is in it, who are the Democrats now blaming for their lame tax law.    See what is running this Country, hope you put these people back into office so you can blame The Republicans, and see who is not wanting to work to eliminate the Debt.

I don’t know about you, but I am getting tired of a Government that is looking more for Profits and not for the safety of the American people, if you have not noticed, if you can not get insured before Jan. 1 2014 you will be at the mercy of the Federal Government IRS, and at this point you will probably be minus your pay check if you don’t you don’t take insurance, other words the IRS now has the right to garnishee your money until they get their money, and this is what Obama wants to get started as soon as possible. 

Why do people have to open an account before they can get any information about what they will pay for insurance, that is not what I had heard to find out about what it will cost, so is this because if people saw what was coming at them they would not sign up, and the would try to stay with who they now have.

Another thing that was brought out was that you have to except to give up your privacy to continue to with signing up, and the Democrats think that it is not pertinent to protect the American people to get this insurance, even though this system could be taped  into which could open you up for some one to get this information that you just put on the internet.

Any one that no’s the internet, knows that the internet is not as secure as they want you to believe, if it was there would not be any one from any where that could get in, and if that was the case even the Federal Government would not be able monitor and find out what you are doing on the internet or even your phone.    

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