Social Security Going Broke, But It can still pay For Obamacare

Comment By Bob L.
Oct. 29th 2013

How can Obamacare be viable if Social Security is going broke, if you think back, Obama has taken millions of Dollars out of Social Security to pay for his Affordable Health Care, NOW the Question is, How Long can This Affordable Health Care continue to be Affordable to all Americans before prices start to climb, and if you have not noticed, that over the years, Insurance has continues to go up, and no one has done any thing to control that.   

Watching C-Span about the Affordable Health Care Problems, what I was seeing is that the Democrats were as usual spending more on trying to make the Republicans as the ones who don’t want to work it out, Democrats are also just as guilty of refusing to negociate, but the Republicans were  the ones asking the Questions that COULD help The Affordable Care Act work, if they could and they would ALL work together and not against each other, all the problems could come up with a health care that would work for all LEGAL Americans Citizens.

If you remember the Democrats put this law together behind closed doors, were the Republicans sitting on the panel to have a say about Obamacaare. 

What they are talking about, people do need a good Health Insurance Program, but they all need to sit down and regulate the Insurance Companies and set the polices to some of what Obamacare has in it, but they should drop the penalties against the people by using the IRS to go out and bully the American people.

Lets get together and put a plan together that every one could work with and keep rates down all the time with no special favors, they regulate the Trucking Industry and many others, why can they not regulate Insurance Companies like they do every one else.

Another one they regulated, were the wages of the Private Sector Employees, but they don’t regulate the wages and Benefits of Public Servants, or them selves, so why are the American people regulated to what they will receive in their Health Care, and not the Government and Government Employees, or have to worry about being bullied by the IRS going after them for not getting Health care. 

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