Washington State, Or Is It Washington DC

Comment By Bob L.
Nov. 9th 2013

washington-stateWashington State or is it Washington DC, can’t tell the difference any more, they both don’t care about the people, they are only worried about their friends (the rich) and how much they can save them in taxes, while putting the load of taxes on the people who can least afford them.

In Washington State just like some other states, they are being run by California YUPPIES who destroyed that state, now they are on the prowl to destroy other states, but the problem is that when these States are all over taxed, then where are they going, Oops, for got they are already moving out of this Country where it is cheaper to live and buy and not pay taxes or cheaper taxes.

All you have to do is watch TV and you can see programs that show where they are buying for retirement, and what is that doing to the people who have to live under the problems that they started and left, for better grounds.

As you know Washington State YUPPIES want to put a tax on the people, I think it is to put more people out of work by raising the Gas tax to TEN Point FIVE Percent (10.5%) and give Boeing a big tax break, if you have not noticed, Boeing’s can afford to pay their Fair Share of Taxes, but here you go again, Rich Friends, if Boeing’s can afford to pay the Wages that they pay all their top Executives, and the wages they pay their Employees and the Over Time, they can afford to pay their Taxes.

Now when the Gas Prices climb to around Four Dollar a Gallon, you might just as well figure to dig deep into your pockets, and while you are doing that, just think about who you are supporting to get that job breaking gas tax, and I would not be surprised to see Tourist by-pass this state when they have to pay for Gas or Diesel, and with that you will now be paying more for you good you get in the stores, well people living on a Bandage Income good luck.

Now with the USDA wanting to tamper with the price of food, Tax Hikes, Affordable Health Care, and what ever they can find to put more people out of work, I am assuming that they want the poor to go off in a corner and die, Oooooh Wait a Minute, you can not do that, they won’t let you, that is why they want you to Take Obamacare so the YUPPIES don’t have to give up their Cadillac Health Plans like the Politicians, Unions Brass, Large Companies, and Public Servants who take it from the people who are lucky if they can even Afford Insurance.

 Several members of the King County Council want the legislature to give permission for the county to put a motor-vehicle excise tax on the ballot. There’s no specific proposal yet, but a tax would be based on the value of a car, at a rate of up to $150 per $10,000 of value.  The owner of a 2011 Ford Focus with a value of $12,480 would pay $187.20, now add that to what you pay the State Licensing. This also is what Inslee was talking about at one time and probable still is, and I would not put it past him and others to slide it through with some thing else they want, and you know these YUPPIES will not stop any thing until they get what they want, it is time for the people to tell these Government Money Spenders, we have had enough, it is time that the people have a say on all Tax and Spend go to the voters, Not    Politicians to make the decisions any more, they only protect their Friends (the rich).

Boeing tax help moves fast; vote could come Saturday

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