What Are we Going to Do About The Lies, Deceit, and Deceptions

Comment By Bob L.
Nov.11th 2013

This all has to do with Lies, Deceit, and Deception by all these People who are putting a cover up spin on what they say or do, instead of telling the truth, are you getting tired of it, or are you the cause by believing it, if so, then say good-by to America the Constitution and your freedom, once gone, you will never get it back, have they gotten it back in Countries that have lost it, I don’t think so, they are under a Dictator Government now, if I didn’t know any better, it sounds like here in the U.S. today.

What are we going to do about the Lies, Deceit, and Deception by the Government Agencies, News Media, Democrats, Environmentalists, and Special Interest out to destroy this Country and it’s Constitution and it’s Freedom, are you getting tired of them all doing every thing they can to take down this Country, and by taking away your rights to a free Election to get the right people into office, and not let them run for more than Two terms.

This is the problem with not having term limits, until you get term limits, you will not have any control, and they will do as they are doing now, telling you what you are going to eat, what you are going to drive, where you are going, where you can live, and what you can say, what Church you can go to and pray, is this what you want out of your Country, a Dictator and his Czars Running it.I don’t know about you but I am getting tired of, He Said This, He Said That, He Is doing Just What You Are Letting Him and His Czars Do, PERIOD, lets stop the bus that this administration has us on before it goes over the cliff, and get off and tell them you have had enough of them taking away your right and to think for your selves, if you are going to break the law, then that is what the Government is to do is to protect the people, but any thing else, that is your right to run your own lives not theirs, and that goes for these Environmentalist, Special Interest, or Church Groups who are trying to change the Constitution and America people’s way of life.

If you don’t like the Laws and Ways we live, Leave and Don’t let the Doors on the Boarding Ramp Hit your ASS On the Way Out to the Plane, you don’t know how good you have it with personal freedoms here, you keep your nose out of every one else’s lives, you live your lives, and we will live ours, and we will all get along Fine, don’t try to tell us how to Live, Pray or show how and where, GOD comes in many forms of Religions (under different names), and that is our rights to express and no one else’s to infringe upon, just like it is your right to practice your Religion and Beliefs without us infringe upon yours.

U.S. Governments do not seem to be doing any thing about controlling Businesses and Government run away PAY and BENEFITS PACKAGES like they do the Legal American Citizen who has to fight for every thing they get, and how they are paid and what extras they get, the American Worker is on a Contract, Public Employees are on an open plan, AUTOMATIC, THEY whine and they get what ever they want Automatically because the price of every thing went up (now why did it go up GREED), so they need a raise, the hell with every one else, these are the jobs that the American people want, so they think that Maybe They can get one of Those Jobs,  so DON”T cause any waves. 

The more PUBLIC EMPLOYEES Pay Packages go up, and big Companies like Boeings and The Long Shore Men and other big Companies, Taxes go up on every thing, the more they go up, the more you pay in the stores for what you buy, and in the mean time, the Americans working in small Companies with lower wages or Minimum wage who don’t have the advantage to get ahead, so where they end up is usually, homeless, or struggling to feed their families and trying to find an affordable place to live.

Government Jobs are, Discrimination Jobs, if you pass a test, then you might get a job, but if they want some one else to get the job, tough luck, then they say you did not score High Enough or did not pass, so you don’t get the job whether you were well qualified for it or not, this testing is how they get around  Discrimination, it’s who you are that gets the jobs, not the score, no matter what they tell you.

There are a lot of people who do not get a job that they were well qualified for and did not get it because they were a Minority, you see the same thing when Minority Contractors are turned down or not allowed to Bid for a contract, but yet they are just as well Qualified as any one else who puts in a bid for a job.

If you think that is wrong, then work for Ten Dollars an Hour, ($10.00 Decent wage not great for today) for Twenty Nine Hours a week or less, over some one who is getting Thirty to Fifty Dollars ($30.00 $50.00) an Hour for forty Hours plus Over Time, and what is the Government doing about it, TURNING THEIR BACK ON THE LESS FORTUNATE, this includes all Legal Minorities and Legal Whites, the Government does not care who you are, unless you work for their rich friends, then they will protect the Companies and your Wages and the Unions, and not all Union jobs pay a decent wage, or fall under the Governments Rich Friends. 

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