You Scratch My Back I Will Scratch Your’s

Comment By Bob L.
Nov. 18th 2013

kickback-bribesFamous last words of Government, You Scratch My Back, I Will Scratch Yours, well that is what is happening to the American people with Obamacare, or, the Affordable Care Act, backs are being scratched at the expense of you, the Legal American Citizen.

What, it can’t be, well look at what you are getting, you are getting locked in to a health plan that you can not get out of for One Year, after that you can find another one, while in the mean time you are paying an Insurance Company to pay for your medical, but what if you find out that they are not living up to their part of the bargain, now you are paying for what Obama calls them, shoddy Companies, and in the mean time you are locker into them for a year, is that protecting the People, NO (scratch, scratch), they did it with part D Drugs, and that is just what happen in most cases., people should be able to BUY Insurance any time they want, and not when the Government says you can.

I know that all to well, because when Bush and the Democrats pushed Part D through like they did Obamacare, you were locked in to it for a year, in that year they hemmed and hawed about paying, and then at the end of the year, the price took a big jump, when asked why, their own words, the penalty, because of the people who did not sign up when they were suppose to, that is their responsibility not some one else’s, because once you signed up you could not get out of it, and that is going to happen with Obamacare.

And all these people who have signed up to see what plans there are, are now pretty much locked in whether you get it or not, that is how they get you hooked and all the information to go after you for penalties. 

When it come down to it, you will not only be paying for your own insurance, you are also paying for all Government Employees health care which is second to non, while you the American Citizen get what is regulated to what they will cover, and how much YOU will pay for that privilege to have a second-rate Plan, not that plan that Nancy Pelosi said you would get, you can not afford to get the same as they get.

As long as Government has control of regulations, you will never see Competition among Insurance Companies or any thing else as long as Government is allowed to set a state minimum, and who they will  let come into the state, every where you look you can see what regulations are doing to this Country, what is required by these Companies is one thing, but when they are told what the minimum of what they can charge, that stops Competition, that is price-fixing, which is illegal, but only Governments can get away with it.

States will never open up their state to all Insurance Companies, because then they won’t have control of them, look at the Federal Government the States, Counties, and Cities, they all regulate any Company that come in, but the problem is they are not out to protect you they are only looking at what they will get out of it, like they say BUYER BE WEAR, if they were really protecting you then why are there so many Companies Ripping off the American People every year, and what are these Government Agencies doing about it, they have the power to stop it if the wanted, but it goes back to Scratch, Scratch.  

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