What Is Good For You Is Not For Public Servants

Comment By Bob L.
Dec. 13th 2013

It is ironic that you put the name Doctor in front of a name, they think that they no more about what is better for you then you know for your self, a good example Obama, he stands before a crowd at a college, and they give his a doctorate, so what does he do, he now thinks that he knows what is better for your health then you, this same thing goes for teachers in colleges, they never went to medical school, but they are now doctors telling you what to do and what pills to take, I guess you can say that for these scientists who make up these pills.

How many of these people in Government, and Employees are going to really sign up for Obamacare, and follow through with it, if so are they going to want a pay raise to pay for the increase for what they will be paying for the privilege of taking Dr. Obama’s and Nurse Sebelius’s  Health care, and how many years have they put in to medical training to be qualified as Medical Professional

Doctors today don’t seem care about treating people, just take another pill, you really can not blame though, when Government Agencies are regulating medicine and what they can do, and insurance companies today, and now Almighty Dr. Obama and his Czars telling the People, Doctors, Insurance Companies, and Companies what they are going to do, and they all say the believe in free enterprise, they only believe in one thing, MONEY, and how much they can take from the people.

This Country has gotten to the point that they think that money is the solution to every thing, take the schools, they say that if you pay the teachers more you will have better test scores, pay does not give a better education, teachers who are dedicated to their job will create and keep kids from dropping out, give them an education with Business sense and job training at school not at home where the parents are teaching them, teachers should be doing that in school not at home.

The first place you start is get the Unions and the Government out of the Schools and let the teacher get back to why they went to college to learn and become a teacher, if they only did it for the money then get rid of them and get people who want to teach, look at how many Millionaires that never made it past the Eight Grade before the teachers ever got a wage at all, and that was an education, look at the Foreign Education, education is taught in school not at home at night.

There is that same problem in Government, the Unions are destroying this Country, they are more interested id getting more bodies in the union for the money then they are protecting the workers and the people, they don’t want any one fired because if they did they would lose money, and they don’t want that, I am sorry, but some unions are good but not very many, money is more important to them then protecting the people and the work place, Government is no better.

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