Holidays Giving Way To GREED

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Opinion By Bob L.
Dec. 26 2013

As years go by, the Holidays have given way to greed & by many for this,back412b
look around, you can not even get a higher tax put on it, why because even the politicians got to have it, and they don’t want to pay any more for it then they have to.

They complain about highway deaths every year, but avoid the real cause why, is it because they don’t want to give up their booze, they always side step the real cause to blame some thing else like Texting, Sleep, or some other distraction, the other distractions are lack of better judgment on what you drink or smoke, smoking does not hamper you ability of working like Alcohol and Drugs, they are the most common for loss of missing work.

And talking about the lack of Government Control, for what should be at the for front, that is the last thing they want to address, they would rather go after the American Worker because they think that they are an open door to wealth any time they need more money to spend on other Countries and the Rich when the want money, so as you can say they don’t care what happens to the people as long as they can keep getting more money out of them.

The Government Employee has the best wages and benefits that every American that works for the privet sector making less than Fifteen ($15.00) Dollars an Hour would like to have, but people who are making more than Fifteen ($15.00) Dollars an Hour, they don’t care how many people they hurt by wanting more, and by wanting more and getting it, they are putting people who make less in a tight position with the cost of Taxes, Food, Housing, Gas, and Utilities go up to where people are getting push in to the streets to live and losing their jobs.

And when it comes to businesses, they are wanting more money for profits to pay their CEO and Board Member, along with Stock Holders, so as it goes the working poor are getting the shaft while the Executives and up are getting the Gold, and you can not say if they were in a Union, they would get paid better, well that is a bunch of hogwash, because there a lot of Union jobs that people are lucky if they get more than Twenty (20) Hours a week, sure they might get Ten ($10.00) to Fifteen ($15.00) Dollars a week and no over time, and out of that pay, they have to pay Union Dews, and some of them also pay for their own medical, so don’t say that a Union jobs are better. 

Now when it comes down to it, I would estimate about Sixty (60%) really know what the Holidays are about, other than having a BOOZE and DRUG Party and then call in sick the next day.

And for these people coming here from other Countries, they don’t under stand any thing about this Country, so when it come down to it they want to change our Constitution, and you ask them why they want to move to this Country, they tell you of the freedom that they don’t have in their Country, NOW Why do we have that FREEDOM, BECAUSE WE HAVE THAT CONSTITUTION, but we now have people coming to this Country and living in this Country who want to do away with it,  it is that thinking that is destroying us, Like our own Government who also trying to change it to benefit them selves, it THAT CONSTITUTION that is makes this a free Country, so if you don’t like that, go back to where you came from and stop trying to change this Country in to a Dictator and over Taxing Country, we have that now with this Administration.

Here we have Freedom of Religion that some are now trying to get changed for there control of the Constitution to run it the way they want, this is just like some of these states who have destroyed them selves by Over taxing, passing laws that they want the rest of the Country to follow, and if this keeps happening, we will be Bankrupt from borrowing from around the world and not having the revenue to pay it back, and now they are using Emanate Domain to take property away from the people to sell to the Rich and Foreign Companies to make more profit for them selves.

How about freedom of speech, have any one noticed that some have freedom of speech and some don’t why is that, is because our Government and our Courts are trying to change the Constitution to benefit some groups that they want to have control of elections, by doing this, are they violating the rights of others, and to benefit Government Elections so they can control how the vote will come out, like the ballot and ballot machine tampering that they found in Florida and other states in the last Four Presidential Elections.

Some thing smells rotten in Government around the Country, just what could that possible be.

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