Blowing More Smoke Up The Americans, To Cover Up More Lies

My Opinion By Bob L.
Dec. 31st 2013

If the Affordable Care Act was to provide Insurance for people who did not have insurance, then why did Obama force insurance companies out of business so people had to buy insurance from the Government, and then say that it is the law and every one has to sign up for it by Jan. 1st of 2014, and now that it is the law, they passed another law saying that Enrollees had to sign up in December to have coverage on Jan. 1st. The next important date is March 31, when open enrollment for 2014 ends, and Enrollees had to sign up in December to have coverage on Jan. 1st.

C S M:  [After that, individuals without health coverage, who are not exempt from the Affordable Care Act, they will have to pay an Obama tax penalty.]

The funny thing about this is, some people already had insurance, but they had to give it up their insurance that OBAMA and his Czars said were Substandard, not the people who them, and then people could not profit from Obamacare like the Politicians that they are, and people like AARP, the National Insurance Organizations, and Stock Holders of this plans that are not covered (or as they say exempted from) under the Affordable Care Act.

Christian Science Monitor: [Some 4 million people lost health coverage due to cancellation. The Obama administration reversed course and said these substandard plans could exist for another year.

That means it’s possible the United States is entering the first year of Obamacare with a net loss of 2 million insured, according to the law’s critics.

We’re still ending 2013 with more people having lost their insurance than gained it.]

Now why are there EXEMPTIONS from this law if it is the law of the land, that the Democrats keep saying, and pushing it down the throats of Americans and exempt themselves, I my self do not believe that they will take and maintain and pay out of their pocket for this insurance that is the law of the land, I think that they will do just what they are doing right now, exempting them selves from it, or sneak in a little insurance exemption in one of their PORK PROGRAMS, that they are good for covering up things when they want to sneak some thing by.

Read story Here:   Obamacare enrollment surge: Mission accomplished or misleading blip?

This month, more than 975,000 Americans enrolled in private insurance plans through the federal Obamacare exchange, bringing the total since Oct. 1 to 1.1 million enrollees.

Christian Science Monitor
By Peter Grier  Dec. 30th 2013

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