2014: The Fall Of Freedom and some of the Constitution

 Bob L. Just My Opinion 
Jan. 3rd 2014582501_464073756973299_628450550_n1

January First Twenty Fourteen (2014) was the day Americans freedom fell, and the United States Constitution running a close second, and a Third is, Personal freedoms, NO Thanks to Greedy Democrats, I am not saying that Republicans are angles, but it look like they are trying to do some thing, where the Democrats say NO to every thing that the Republicans do, whether it is good or bad. Where the Democrats say they are for the people, then WHY did they put the screws to the people with Obamacare, and why not work with the Republicans to work out a better health care system then Obamacare that the Democrats won’t back down on, is there a little payola there.

You know I can not under stand how Social Security, Medicare Care, and Medicaid were going broke in ten years or so, and then wallah they want some extra money, and then there are Billions in there to start a new health plan to drain the Country faster, now that tells me that the Government lies to the American people every day to put this Country into bankruptcy quicker, I knew that but it just a standard practice with them to support an extravagant YUPPY lifestyle with the rest of them.

When I could remember what was going on, I saw that people after the Depression were living better and had more choices of what to do, but about the mid sixties I could see a change coming to where the disparities started to change in Wages, Insurance, and how laws have been turned around to where criminals have more right then law-abiding citizens that are now classified as criminals, with less protections under the law.

Look at the United States Constitution, look at how much this Administration has been cutting away atdemocrats_vow_c your rights to where they have seventy percent of control of what you are allowed, they are now controlling Religion, Freedom of Speech, and you can go on, and you can see that this Administration has broken more laws under the Constitution, and what is being done about it, there is not one person doing any thing about it.

The final say about this is, look at the news media and see how many from the news media will tell the people the truth and not cover up the new laws that have taken effect against the people and their freedom on January First Twenty fourteen, and as you know that the news media has not been forth coming in telling the truth about the news in the past, and they will continually protect this Administration from wrong doings.

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