Come Nov. 2014

Bob L. Just My Opinion But
Jan. 10th 2014

Come 2014, there will be a lot of Wooden Heads that have not learned any thing about what is going on in this Country, they will go out and do the same thing that they do every election day, they will elect the who can tell the biggest lie, they will vote for some people who do not have a care in the world of what is going on in this Country, the people they put back in office again are only worried about how much they are going to get Paid this time around and how much they will get from Lobbyists, then after it is all said and done, the wooden heads will turn around and want to know who voted these people back into office, then you will hear it was not me, I did not vote for them. Wooden Heads are what they say, they are as dumb as a bump on a log, people who have learned nothing in life but what they were taught.

These people do the same thing every year, well it is not just the Federal Government it all Government Agencies, you can not get a person in office that is not for them selves and what THEY can get out of it, they have corrupted the Court System, the Tax Laws, Education, run out Employment of the Private Sector, give big Pay and Benefit Packages to them selves and all Government Employees, by giving them selves Automatic Pay raises while controlling what the private sector will get paid.

Like Seattle, they want to give all City Workers Ten Dollar an hour Minimum wage for starting Employment, not to say Discriminate against any one who is looking for work, if you don’t no, try to walk in and try to get a job with Government that is posted as hiring, but then whether you are qualified or not you will not get the job, and then you have to take a test, then, if you have ten years experience, sorry you did not pass the test, but then you fine out some one with no experience got the job, now is this not discrimination saying that a person with  experience does not qualify so they can put some one else in that they want.

See the problem with making a person take a test to get a job is that they can take any one they want, and you have no way of knowing what their score was, so the way I look at it, that is DISCRIMINATION from the word go, but Government set the rules, so you then have to prove it, so who is the one Discriminating, the Government, they set the rules, now if a company in the private sector does that they are discriminating.

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