Predicted From The Past, Coming True Fifty Years Later

Bob L.   Just My Opinion
Feb. 11th 2014

It amazing how people who survived through the Great Depression World War Two had the insight to see what the future would become, in 1965 Paul Harvey would comment on what would happen in the coming years where today has become where he was just making a comment on if, but in real fact, if actually happens.

You have seen some of this on Face Book or Twitter at some time, but does any one really look at what is said closely, and under stand what they are talking about, Red Skelton 1969,  Red Skelton’s Pledge of Allegiance: . Paul Harvey’s   FREEDOM TO CHAINS 1965:  You need to pay more attention to what is going on before you spend all your hard-earned money on some thing that you think you own, WRONG you don’t own any thing, the Government owns it all, the Sixteenth Amendment makes sure of that, and the Eminent Domain law, look it up.

You can knit pick what you want to hear and see, and you will never see the truth of what is being said, you can spin it any way you want and you will never see the whole truth, you will only see what the Government and Special Interest Groups wants you to see, you will have to discard the brain washing that you learned in the education that they wanted you to learn, why do you think that Foreign Countries are so advanced, they are taught, and to succeed in life, not be led by the nose so you will not get in the politicians way.

Paul Harvey was a man ahead of his time, he made comments on what if this would happen, well his what if has become reality, I know people today don’t make the time to sit down and listen to comments by people with a little more common sense who say what could happen, now we can not say that all people today could care less about what is happening to this Country, if they did, this Country would not be in the shape it is in now.

Today the Legal American Citizen has tuned their back on this Country and let Special Interest Groups take over the Country and get the Government to turn against the True Legal American Citizens to change the Constitution to go against the Freedom of Religion,  Free Enterprise, Freedom of Expression, and basically against what the Constitution stands for, basically the Government is catering to Dictator minded people who want to turn this Country into a Government run System.   Declaration Of Independence.

I know you will not listen to what he has to say back in 1965, because you don’t care, but the people today would not have what they have today if it was not for that Constitution, and the funny part of this, these are the same people today helping the Government to destroy it, forgetting that they would not be where they are today if it was not for it, but the people who are fighting these higher taxes, they are being hunted down to get them to stop, they are discriminated against, they are being called traders, and they are open targets, just like the signers of the Constitution.      If I were the devil 1965.

Most people today sit around letting some one else do the work for them while the Government pays them to stay home drawing food stamps, vouchers to pay their rent, and a little cash, in other words scamming the system, then you have people trying to get a job and don’t want a hand out, but they are the ones who the Government go’s after to get their money back.

Now we have people telling us who our god is, how we show our religious freedom while they gloat about their accomplishments on how they can control others, but every one has a GOD, but each calls him by another name, you know what it is, I could not name them all and be fair to that religion by not saying it right, so I do not want to A fend any ones rights to who they believe in, but I don’t want any one to tell me what my religious rights are and by what name I call  MY GOD.      A Letter From God:

If you don’t believe me then you have not been listening to what is being said on a daily basis, on how that any one who is fighting to take our Country and the Constitution along with our freedom back, is being ridiculed and discriminated against by some and the media.

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