Transportation Money Waste? Where Is It All Going To?

By Bob L.    Just My Opinion, But The State Wastes More Money On Non Maintenance Of Roadways.
April 26th 2014

Where is all this money that the State has received from the Federal Government for Transit and Maintained roads, not Expansion, but Maintenance of Roads and Bridges, was it wasted on other than what it was intended.

How much money has been spent on Traffic Circles around the State, Cities, and Counties that could have been put into a better Transit System, and Road Maintenance, and the same goes for the tunnel in Seattle, it was not needed at this time, if they would maintain their roads like they were suppose to, they would not need that tunnel, and it would not be putting such  load on people who can least afford higher Taxes and subsided funding.

Government does not take in account or consider people like the poor or receive a minimum or lower wage lower than people who make $50,000 thousand or more a year, they only set this all for the wealthy, no matter what is done, not every one is ever going to make that much money, sure they might, but you have to also account that the wages will keep going up, so some will always remain at the same distance from the one who are already making good money, that split will always be there, so the stress will always be on the lower paid to come up with the money to survive. 

And when it come down to another waste of money is when it comes to eliminating rails that could have been converted to transit lines, there are a lot of rails today that are rusting away that could be converted to mass transit or Trolleys between small town that could connect to mass transit centers, but people in the know who make all these decisions don’t have any street smarts because their nose is stuck up so high in the air they need an umbrella to keep from drowning.


Federal government concerned about Puget Sound transportation

Posted on April 25, 2014

SEATTLE- The entire Central Puget Sound region has been put on notice by the Federal government, concerned Washington State doesn’t have enough money to fund vital transportation projects.

The U.S. Department of Transportation sent the letter April 23rd and said, in part, without a serious budget overhaul, the future of those plans seems doubtful.

The letter was addressed to the Puget Sound Regional Council who designs and plans a transportation budget for the next 30 years. They project over the next three decades, another million people will move to the area. They plan to double the hours of Metro bus service and expand Sound Transit from Tacoma to Redmond.

The problem? Money. Federal officials charged with overseeing the planning sent a strongly-worded letter warning the group, there just isn’t enough money to pay for it all. They said unless the tax payers start footing the bill and the Legislature in Olympia passes a state wide transportation budget, those dreams will be just that.

“The lack of the willingness to compromise is killing us everywhere,” said Congressman Jim McDermott, D-WA.

The Legislature hasn’t passed a statewide transportation budget in almost a decade and Federal highway funds are expected to dry up in August without action.

“The Governor called them in and they refused to deal with it so they’re bringing this down on their heads. The people get a chance to shoot at them here in the next election,” added McDermott.

For now the Council said it was full steam ahead with their plan, but the Federal government still needs to approve it in June.

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