Greed Is Not Going To Help When You Become A Senior

By Bob L.   Just my opinion, but this is fact, greed now is not going to help when you turn SIXTY FIVE.
May 8th 2014

You think you can not live on $7.50 an hour, wait until you become a senior, you will not find any housing you can afford, you will be lucky if you can own a car, you will be lucky if you can afford to buy food for your self and your wife, and the worst thing about it is if there are two of you, then you will be thankful that you knew how to live on less, but to let greed run your life, this Country is in for a big fall.

The Democrats are going to be all over this so they will get reelected, then go back to being a politician and working for the greedy wealthy class like them selves and not the people, so do you want this Country back or a DICTATOR Government telling you what you are going to eat or what you are going to drive, and where you are going to live, come on people open up your eyes, stop letting the Government, Courts, and people who don’t like out Constitution and laws that we have lived by for years, and our flag is our flag and should not be discriminated against in any way, many of our people have died protecting that flag, so defend it and the Constitution.

All greed does is hurt the kids coming up and what they will do for jobs if there are any left to find, you all forget it is the rich that is controlling how much you get paid, not you but the RICH and  GOVERNMENT, have you seen the Government  control the rich and how much they will pay them selves, like they have the working class, NO they are the Rich.

Dig deep, back in the late sixties Government set a standard on how much a person on strike could bargain for, because the rich were complaining it was cutting into THEIR wage package and profits, that was THREE PERCENT A YEAR total, now how far do you think that this minimum wage is going to sail and still have jobs after it is all said and done.

THE ONLY WAY IS to go after the rich who are keeping people from getting a better wage, so why not protest for lower wages for the rich, then you will see where these Companies can afford a better wage, and the best HEALTH CARE FOR ALL WORKING PEOPLE.

SO LETS GO AFTER CORPORATE AND BOARD MEMBERS PAY, then get good pay for all, from the young and the Senior so every one will have a life and not live on the street unless that is what you want to do.

Until we get the rich out of the White House and put the people back in control, things will get worse, we need to get people out who live on race baiting to keep this Country fighting each other, we need to go arm in arm and tell this Government and these race baiters to go to hell, this is a diverse of many people, and we should work together, not against each other, and if not, go back to where you come from, we don’t need people in this Country who do not like the way the United States Constitution is set, this is a free Country and lets keep it this way. 


Fast-food workers threaten global wage protests next week

By Lindsay Dunsmuir

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Fast-food workers plan strikes in 150 cities across the United States and protests in 33 other countries on May 15 to demand higher pay and better working conditions, organizers said in New York on Wednesday.

It is the latest in a series of protests over the past 18 months in the United States that have targeted fast-food chains including McDonald’s Corp, Burger King Worldwide Inc, Wendy’s Co and Yum Brands Inc’s KFC chain.

In December, workers held rallies in hundreds of U.S. cities, saying their take-home pay was not enough to live on.

U.S. fast-food workers taking part will walk off their jobs on May 15 to demand $15 an hour in wages and the right to form a union without retaliation, organizers said.

U.S. cities where strikes are planned include Philadelphia, Sacramento, California; and Miami and Orlando in Florida. Organizers say that protests around the world will include cities in Europe, Asia, South America and Asia, among others.

Advocacy groups involved in planning the strikes include Fast Food Forward and Hungry for Justice, supported by the International Union of Food, Agricultural, Hotel, Restaurant, Catering, Tobacco and Allied Workers’ Association, which represents about 12 million workers in 126 countries.

Both McDonald’s, the world’s biggest restaurant chain by revenue, which has drawn the ire of many of the prospective strikers, and Burger King defended their treatment of employees in separate statements.

The planned strikes come at a time when U.S. Democrats have been mounting efforts to raise the federal minimum wage ahead of this year’s midterm congressional elections, seeing income inequality as a powerful campaign issue.

President Barack Obama has pushed Congress to raise the federal minimum wage to $10.10 per hour, up from the current $7.25, a move the Republican-controlled House of Representatives has resisted.

(Reporting by Lindsay Dunsmuir; Editing by Scott Malone and Leslie Adler)

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