Is this the future of what Washington State and Seattle

Bob L.     Just my observation  I see coming!
May 17th 2014

In the coming years, is this what Washington State and Seattle is going to look like

spending more money than they have coming in to take care of what needs to be taken care of, the highways are a mess, bridges in shambles, taxes going out of sight to pay for things like stadiums, art lined streets, bicycle lane that riders get for free, why not make them pay for yearly license plats and , and tabs, make them have an endorsement on their license just like motor Cycles and truck drivers, and equipment operators.

Why are they spending more on bike lanes then on their transit system, or on Dome stadiums, they need jobs full-time not temporary, but when they keep giving tax breaks to businesses instead of making taxes a level playing field for all, no they are only for big business not the people who have to support them with fewer jobs.

Until all these rich politicians get through their heads, not all people make the type of money they do, it is time to roll back taxes and make all taxes fair to all big or small, but they tax the people who make the least and pamper the ones who make over $40,000.00 thousand dollars a year.

Minimum wage and maximum should be $10.00 flat and not part-time or over time, then maybe more people would have a job. If you look at over time how many people would have a job if they could work in that spot.


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