Senior Housing A Government Joke

Bob L.        Just My Opinion         Senior Housing Nothing But For Profit Only.
June 20th 2014

People think that minimum wage is the most abused people in the United States, but the ones that are losing the most are the Seniors, the Government thinks nothing of taking advantage of them, you have people who don’t make a lot of income, they don’t have a retirement to supplement what they get like some, especially in Government Jobs and Large Companies.

Some seniors have to depend just on Social Security charity to survive, so the Government thinks they don’t deserve a cost of living like they do, they think that they can live on less than minimum wage, to pay for a Roof Over Their Heads, Buy Food, Insurance, and now these Senior Apartments want them to also pay for their Utilities, just go out and price these places that say they are housing for Seniors, they are only for Seniors who have the money.

The Government now expect them to pay more for their Medical and Insurance, it is not just the average person who has lost control of their Health Insurance by jacking them up to give free medical for FREE LOADERS who refuse to go look for work or just won’t work, why should they the Government pays them to stay home, but yet they say that Seniors are the biggest draw for taxes, I think they need to look at what they Pay Them Selves and all their Perks they get when they Retire.

Where I am living now, we had a meeting and a question was brought up about if dogs were allowed to be where food was being served, management said it was the law that service dogs can go anywhere, without any restrictions, well that is fine, but what they would not do is set aside a place where dogs could be to kept away from people who are afraid of or have a medical problem, so what they are doing is telling people, if they have a problem, they are not welcome to participate when they have a BBQ for the tenants, now is the way to treat people who live in these Senior Apartments that charge high rent plus Utilities.

I think that the Government should spend more time into looking for more ways to help all people who don’t have a chance of getting ahead monetarily, and these are the people who are getting the shaft every time they turn around.

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