Blue Bloods Are Not So Blue

Bob L. Just My Opinion
July 14th 2014

What is your stand, are you a Greedy Blue Blood out for money, or are you an America out to protect this Country from Dictators and Terrorists, look around and look at who these people are, they are not your Friends, they are your Enemies who DO NOT believe in this Country and what it can be.

You can do any thing you want but think for your self, our Government has gotten you so brain washed in to thing that they know best,well if you have not noticed they are only lining their pockets at your expense, while you believe in every thing that they are telling you, they are laughing all the way to the bank with money they are getting from stocks you are giving them every time you believe in what they are shoving down your throat.

Just think of all the sick people today who are living on prescription drugs, how many of them would be as sick if they were not raised on all these drugs of to day that are being shoved at you by our Government and some Doctors, they will all tell you that they are just trying to make a living, but at what cost to you and our children, or do you really care.

What would you say if you found out that the Government and the Doctors were covering up the facts of what these drugs really do, or don’t do, the problem is, they think they are all GOD and their word is the law, just like the Democrats Obamacare, and Green Florescent lighting, I moved into a new apartment and found out that Obama’s Green Florescent lighting is making sure that you can not use a screw in bulb any more, they are plug in Florescent, so you are at the mercy of the Democrats Green Energy policy while they are lining their pockets every time you buy one.

Now when it comes to a person no one knows what reaction they will get, but when the Government and Doctors along with the pharmaceutical think they are GOD and they know best, the problem is that no one is alike, you can run all the tests on some one and they will say the same thing, but will YOUR body agree, if it did then one pill would work for all not so.

What would you say if you found out that your life was being shorted by all this hype about green energy and that it was bad for your health and all these drugs that you are taking, would you still think that they are working in your best behalf, I think that you as the new Millennial Yuppies would do as usual and say it was just a bunch of crap and let them get away with it, just like they are with Obamacare, the Democrats Green Energy policy, and any thing that they can throw at you, this is how A Dictator Governments gets started, people not caring.

Until these Yuppies and these new Millennial Yuppies get their head out of their ass and stop letting Special Interest Groups, Environmentalist, NON Americans Citizens, and radical Church Groups, along with any one who is Offended BY OUR AMERICAN FLAG, if they don’t like our Constitution drawn up by people who wanted a free society free from a total Government control, go live where you have no say, true Americans believe in in this Country and want to keep if free.


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