Sport Fisherman or Environmentalist

Bob L. Just My Opinion
Aug. 10th 2014

Why are fish Disappearing and not returning to where they are released???

The war that has been going on between wild or hatchery fish who is right, but I would say that it is what no one has even mentioned, NETS strung for miles that catches every thing, and what survives and what dies and is thrown back as food for the fish, and how many are processed and sold as one kind of fish.

They blame the poor guy with one or two poles and allowed two fish, and saying that they are destroying all the fish, I don’t think that 100% of river and 75% of fish catch is respecting the rights of spawning fish in return to to lay their eggs, sure there is a Treaty, but respect of natives fish to spawn should be top priority but to block the rivers with nets from bank to bank, how many fish get through to lay though precious eggs that are needed to keep fish to come back each year.

One of the biggest problems today is that there are two many people with their fingers in the pot stirring up problems, and a lot of them do not even fish, these people go by what the book says, does the book also tell them how to wipe their ass, and by what Environmentalist say, and many of these people don’t have any idea of what the outcome will be, just look how many jobs have been lost, or will be lost because of these people, they have their jobs so what is the problem they don’t care what happens.

Government is a good example of passing laws with out weighing both side before the open their mouths to fart, like they say they sit on their brains and don’t have any idea what comes out of their mouths, we need to get all of these Government departments out and only put one person not 10 in control and to get fishing back to the people, not 5 to 20 different groups or Government agencies making the Decisions.

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