The Un-United States

Bob L. Just My Opinion, BUT what do you think, update if you think there is more.
Sept. 5th 2014

I see it this way, to start, the People came to this Country to Start a new life away from Government Dictators, I believe most were poor, if my history was right that I learned in school, so where are we today, back to Government control, but we have to start at the top, now where would that be, if we start at the top, we will see who is in real control of this Country.

Here is how I see it, people who are running this Country

1 – The Rich

2 – World Governments

3 – All United States Governments

this covers from Federal, States, Counties, and Cities.

4 – Special Interest Groups

5 – Environmentalists

6 – Church Groups

7 – People who will do any thing to keep all Legal American from UNITING to make a better Country and Community, with people of all races, but you have some who want to bring this Country down with out helping illegals come In to this Country legally.

Now we get in to the people who are at the for front who are helping push this Country in to a place where the Governments can do any thing they want and you have no say, is this sounding more and more the way this Country is going.

Today, top to bottom

1 – Millennial Yuppies who will buy any thing no matter what the price

2 – Yuppies they started we got to have the best and now

3 – The Hippies who wanted the laws changed for their lifestyle

Now as you go down the list you can see who is benefiting and who is paying the price, the Average wage earner, the poor on minimum wage, and the people who are on a set income with no chance of being able to keep pace with inflation.

What is the next step to where this is all going, well if you can not see it all ready, than you are one the people at the top causing all the problems and wanting more, you do not care about this Country’s future only yours, well if you don’t see the hand writing on the wall then you have not had a good education, and from what I see every day in what is happening in this Country, by our education system today from the past we are in big trouble, because all I can hear from Educators from public schools to Colleges is MORE MONEY not what is wrong with our school system today from the past.

Greed today is the destruction of all things going wrong, it is not the education that has gone bad it is Greed and two many people telling the schools what to do, but yet they want the parents to help why don’t we just turn all these schools back there local school boards and parents. See the problems are is that there are Federal, State, County, and City Dictators, and you can not for get all the different Unions who are dabbling their witch craft in the operation of the schools, SO with so many organizations telling the schools what to do, how can you get any thing taught to where our kids can get a good education, they are surely not going to get it in college, what is happening today in this Country is proof of a poor college education, and these people say they went to college, I my self don’t think that they even graduated from first grade.

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