Colleges Teach People To Be Greedy NOT Smart

Bob L.   Just My Opinion
Sept. 11 2014

I can not believe that people can be so stupid and misinformed when they go to college, look at what is coming out of our so called higher learning, dumb, ignorant, under educated, I think they never left first grade by what they think and do.

Look at what they are doing to the people who are on a set income who will never see an income increase, Fast-food workers push for $15 wage in Bellevue march

About 150 people marched from Seattle to Bellevue to advocate for a $15 minimum wage on the Eastside. Eight people were arrested during a subsequent rally during an act of civil disobedience.

Some one has to pay for all this and it is not the ones who can afford it, it is the people like Seniors on an income set by Government, who’s medical is being taken away to give medical to people making up to what is it Eighty Thousand Dollars a year, while Seniors have to give up theirs to pay for some one else’s medical, and you can not forget the poor and sick, they are the ones who are going to pay for it, and be the next ones home less, like they said when Obama was elected, he was out to Kill Grandma, and of today it is coming true.

Now that there are more and more home less, people who have jobs want these home less people sent packing, just like not in my back yard, AND who is helping to make people home less, the same people who keep WANTING MORE, I would like to see these people who keep wanting more put out on the street and lose every thing to, my wife and my self are not on the street yet, but in two more years if these costs of Rent, Utilities, Gas, Taxes, Insurance (that is car and health) and food keep going up we and others will be there, so just keep thinking not in my back yard, your time is coming.

Every time pay goes up, cost of every thing goes up, taxes go up some one down the line has to pay for it, but the people who keep getting pay raises and cost of living don’t see what is happening to people who don’t have that luxury, they don’t see what is happening to this Country, just look around, Cities, Counties, States, and the Federal Government are on the verge of going bankrupt, and these same people just keep wanting more.

Here is another one that is going to cost this Country to go bankrupt faster, is the wealthy who are going to benefit going to care what is going to happen to this Country, NO, they Don’t pay taxes on what they make like the little people they call their slaves, these slaves make them big pay checks, and just think, they laugh at their slaves all the way to the bank, so do you think that this will be negligible, What a carbon tax would mean for Washington’s economy

State economists say the impact of a carbon emissions tax on short-term economic growth appears negligible.

Here again college educated at the first grade level, still thinking that money is no object, it grows on trees for every man woman and child to just walk out and pick it off the tree, if you don’t under stand, TAXES as usual will go up again and again, like the wheel of fortune, round and round it goes you will never no where it will stop, so just keep learning that first grade college education, some day you will get caught in your own ignorant trap and home less, and wonder how this all happened, just look in the mirror and you will see the person who Bankrupt this Country.

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