Entitlements And Safety

Bob L.      Just My Opinion
Sept. 19th 2014

Here are two things that are brought up in Government Circles, Number One is the Entitlements, Seniors are getting to much and need to be cut back, seniors don’t pay for their medical, well, my wife and I pay out $210 dollars a month for our medical, that comes to $2,520.00 a year and of that it is given to non workers, or as they say freeloaders, look around you, who has the largest entitlement package payed out every year, All Government Agencies.

This is just a ruff estimate, but the people are the ones getting the shaft,

With projections of large federal deficits for years to come, policymakers should scour the budget looking for places to cut spending. One area to find savings is the generous compensation paid to the federal government’s 2.1 million civilian workers.1 Total wages and benefits paid to executive branch civilians will be about $248 billion in 2013, indicating that compensation is a major federal expense that can be trimmed.2

During the last decade, compensation of federal employees rose faster than compensation of private-sector employees. As a consequence, the average federal civilian worker now earns 74 percent more in wages and benefits than the average worker in the U.S. private sector.3 A job-to-job comparison found that federal workers earned higher wages than did private-sector workers in four-fifths of the occupations examined.4

The federal workforce has become an elite island of secure and high-paid workers, separated from the ocean of average American workers competing in the global economy. Policymakers have taken actions in recent years to partially freeze federal wages. The next steps should be to overhaul federal benefits and downsize the federal workforce through program terminations and privatization.  

– See more at: http://www.downsizinggovernment.org/overpaid-federal-workers#sthash.YSVfgIMi.dpuf

Where does that money come from, the poor working class, not the rich, remember they don’t pay taxes, oh sure, they say they pay taxes, but after all the tax loop holes and breaks that the Government gives them, that gives them the biggest tax break over the working class, do you get breaks like that?

They want you to think that there is no class system in this Country, if that was the case, then why do they say rich, middle class, and poor, is that not the class system at work?

When you break it down, you can see that the Government pays out more to them selves then they do to the disabled and seniors, think about it, do you get automatic pay every year with out going to the people, or your employer, wouldn’t it be nice to get a good retirement and medical for life, and you can not forget the upgrades when they come.

How about Global Warming, why are they picking on the poor working class and not the rich? Is that because they are protecting the rich, listen to all the lies that Democrats are saying, they don’t care about the working class.

If you have not noticed, Global Warming starts with air quality, and the first place you start is in the air, that is one thing that no one has talked about, WHY? Is that because they are protecting the rich and their jobs in Washington.

Air quality starts at the top, not on the ground, how many aircraft are in the air at one time, how much Carbon Monoxide or Carbon Dioxide along with Heat do they produce on average, like they say, any thing that burns produces a deadly gas one way or another, so why are they not starting there?

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