Government Is No Place For Poor Education Or Ignorants

Bob L.   Just My Opinion
Oct. 6th 2014

This word that Seattle want to replace Columbus Day with is Offensive and should be banned as the words like Washington Red Skins, Cleveland Indians, Atlanta Braves that they say are offensive, or using word like N—r, Crackers, Wop, Slant Eyes, Gook, and so on.

I see it as another way just to insult all people, and NO ONE should have any special Right over any one, and words that can come back and insult or degrade any one person because of where they came from or Ancestry.

Here is one definition for the word that could degrade people around the world: (In the distant past, scientists often ignored and even made fun of the knowledge of indigenous people.
They say that being indigenous doesn’t grant a species special rights to inhabit an ecosystem.)

Now to come out and want to do this is to show how incentive people are and Ignorant they are in their education.

This is just a waste of Tax payer money for something that has worked all these years, now some one wants to spend money on some stupid name change, it is about time that these people start learning how to handle money, just like they tell people to live with in their means, that same goes for Government.

Government is always saying that they don’t have the money to maintain Roads, Parks, and buildings, but yet they can waste it on higher Wages, and stupid things like a name change, or bike lanes that Bike Riders don’t pay for, they should be paying just like Autos, Motor Cycles and Truck and bus drivers do to drive on these streets and highway.

These Bike Riders don’t pay Fuel Tax, they don’t have a license Endorsement or a yearly license Plate Fee like Motor Cycle riders do to ride on these highways.


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