The Next Working Poor, College Educated, Why, Greed

Bob L.    Just My Opinion
Oct. 9th 2014



Why are there so many unemployed today? Why are there so many in the poverty belt? Why are there so many working for minimum wage? Just ask your self, WHY, you might be surprised at what you will find out.

I would have to say it starts out with College Education it’s self, could it be that the college educated are afraid that the people who did not go to college are smarter than them, and they are afraid that it would show that they are not as smart as the average person on the street today.

Look at how many Millionaires there are who did not even make it out of the Eight Grade, see that is the problem today, the college educated don’t want to have a person who did not go to college work for them, they might do a better job than them, so they won’t take these people in and teach on the job education or even train them to be able to get a better job, they would rather bring them in from Foreign Countries.

 But to get down to the real problem, look around you, how many jobs have been lost to the average person who had these jobs to earn money to get a better education when they got out of school, but to-day the stupid ones took those jobs and now want to make sure that those jobs are no longer available for them, WHY, GREED, college educated don’t want those jobs they only want money because they are lazy.

To get down to how stupid they are, look at how this country is being run today, they don’t know what they are doing but spending money that they don’t have, good example, look at these Transit Companies, who runs them, it is ether the State, County, or the City, they want Mass Transit, they want taxpayer to pay for it, are the taxpayer getting their money out of it, NO, and WHY? Here is that why again.

These Government Agencies are spending so much money to close down all these tracks that are no longer used for Rails, so they make Trails that about ONE PERCENT % of Americans use, when these tracks could have been used for their Transit System, NO, they would rather widen the Highways and take up more land and take away home that some people have lived all their life’s, for what, less dependency on a Transit System that they are charging the taxpayers to subsidize, in a systems they don’t want to fool with, it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to see that the Government Agencies don’t care about the Environment, they only care about what they can get out of it for them selves.

And just think all this money that they collect (or subsidize) go’s in to the general fund, and then is spent where they think it should be spent, not what it was collected for, same goes for the school system, and you can not for get all their wages and benefits that come out of that general fund, so what is left to do what need to be done, Not Much, but higher TAXES, Fines, Fees and Penalties.

Look around at all these tracks that are almost abandon, they have tracks that come from Yelm through McChord  and ties in to their Sound Transit in Lakewood, they have tracks coming in from Mt. Highway at about 214th, and Pierce Transit could put their transfer station there instead of Roy Y, (that makes too much sense for college educated people), that run right into Sound Transit at Freight House Square in Tacoma, they had tracks that came in from Orting which they made into rail to trails, So if a College Education was so good, (here is that why again) WHY can they not look before they spend the American people into BANKRUPTCY FOR THEIR OWN GREED.

Why don’t they take some of that money and tie the tracks coming out of Yelm in to the ones that go to Wilcox feed, then they could pick up military personal and work some thing out with the Military for transportation on the Base, I know it is not that easy but it is better than running around with your head up your A– and thinking you are better than every one else and throwing money away on side-walk art that only line some cronies pocket, and it is about time that big business start doing a better job in helping in education with on the job training, then you would have more people qualified to do these jobs that they are keeping people from who will never be able to go to college because of no money to get a good job.  


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