Bad Day In Hell Now That We are Becoming A Dictator Nation

Bob L.    Just My Opinion And What I See Coming On The Horizon
Oct. 25th 2014

It is hell now that we have become a Dictator Nation with a run away Government thinking that they are the people, not the people who put trust in them to run and follow the Constitution to keep it a free Country.

Look around this Country and you see racial hatred is more rampant than in the past, and the people who are behind it are the Elected and the ones who are appointed by these Elected people, look at our court system today, they follow the path of the ones who want to destroy this Country, our Flag, and the Constitution for their own gain, our courts don’t even believe in the Constitution day.

It is getting bad when you are not even able to fly the symbol of this Country in your window, on your desk, on a flag pole, fence post, or even in a flower-pot.

We have people out there now backed by the courts telling us where and who we can practice our religion with, and these laws are coming right from our own Government, you might say wait a minute that is wrong, sorry who just shoved a health care down your throats without looking at alternatives and keeping some good parts in and getting rid of the bad, NO, It had to be their way and you had no say in the final draft but pay, NOW, is that not a Government out of control.

Who is running this Country, it is not the people, it is the Rich, the Radical Groups, and people at this Administration who has been set up to destroy the Constitution and a free people, why do they not want to control the borders like any other Country, who do they want to come in here, are they waiting for a Terrorist Group to come in here before they do any thing about the borders.

Why do we have a better boarder system on the north and not the south, and why do WE have to have a Visa to go into Canada and Canadian’s to come in to the United States, and why do we have to have a Visa to go into Mexico, but they don’t to come into the U.S., now where are these laws in regard to this.

I can not under stand how people can sit on their ass and do nothing and let this all keep going on, or is it that they are so over educated that they think that nothing will happen to them and they will be put in control, NO, I think that is the Draft Dodgers that got amnesty after Vietnam, and now the Immigrant’s who don’t like our laws, and they are the ones who are spitting on our military personal.

I can say, if these people don’t like our Constitution, our Laws, our Flag, and our Religious freedom, and you think it is better in somewhere else, then don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out, and don’t drag your feet doing it.

I would like to know, if they don’t like our Country then why did they come here, I keep hearing because of our freedom, you know if you loved that freedom then why not fight for it where you came from instead of sitting here and wanting the US Military to go help your fellow Citizens over there, when you could be there doing it your self, and not whining and crying here.


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