Holidays To Be Honered Misused By Self Greed

Bob L.   Just My Opinion But
Nov. 14th 2014

men63November is just another day, but it is just like any other day, people think that the only thing about it is that they get a day or two off to go out and hit the Local Liquor Store and or the local Pub to party, and not for the Holiday, they don’t think how it all got started, they could care less.

Today people only think about them selves and not why they have these Holidays, some are created by the Government so they can have more time off, the same way they give them selves long Vacations every year, and Automatic Pay Raises that the working people don’t get, they also don’t care about this Country, the ones who did, they were for a better country were Assassinated.

Does any one think that Slavery is gone, well think again, Slavery is going strong, WHAT, YES, slavery is still being controlled by the Rich, Big Corporations, Unions, Courts, and Government, Why, because they, well if you don’t know by now then you are one of them promoting slavery to all working poor who are being regulated by these people.

But getting back to the holidays, people are so greedy that they let the rich continually promote slavery, it is not just the blacks any more it is all working class, and if you want to have a life style like the rich, you lose your job to the people they bring in from Foreign Countries, and the Illegals, so don’t think that slavery is gone, if you are a person who has worked to become a Citizen, you are also losers to this.

File USCIS Immigration Form (It costs $680* to file an application for citizenship: $595* application fee and $85* fingerprinting fee. Please see the USCIS Immigration Forms website for the latest fee information.)


[ It may soon cost $2,680 to become a US citizen

By Christopher Sherman, The Associated Press
Posted: 02/02/2014

(As President Barack Obama renews his quest for immigration reform, some proposals would impose fines of $2,000 on top of application fees, making the financial hurdles much taller for people who are here illegally.) ]

============================= So what is Obama’s plan for illegals.

Education today is also being torn apart by these people who don’t want past history taught to educate our kids to learn why these laws were put into place, and why the U.S. Constitution was drawn up, so today we are losing our Freedom Of Religion, just one of our Constitutional laws, you can go on and see just how much has been taken away by these people, they are letting them into this Country and most of them are not CITIZENS of the UNITED STATES.

So as far as the Holidays to remember, they are no longer a day to pay tribute to the people who landed here to give you this a better life and for them selves and their families, and the people who have and are defending this Country to keep it a better life, but today we have people who want this all changed for them selves, and to hell with our LAWS and the people, and who are believers of the Constitution.

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