Washington Democrats, FOR the Working People


Bob L.    Just My Opinion, But, You know How The Democrats Say how They Are Protecting The Working People, Not Big Business And Their Pocket Book, HA, HA.
Nov. 20th 2014

They all talk big when it comes time for an election, they are out to protect you from price gouging, scams, and Taxes, they will regulate prices to keep them affordable, but they for get to say it will be regulated for a higher profit margin.

And we can not for get Taxes and how they will go to a better Infrastructure for the State, but yet over the years, they have wasted money on every thing but a better Infrastructure for the state as well the Highways and Bridges, SO, where has all that tax money gone to over the years that was for maintenance over the years?

442780-Royalty-Free-RF-Clip-Art-Illustration-Of-A-Cartoon-Gas-Pump-Holding-Up-A-CustomerCarbon Tax        [A carbon tax would push state’s gasoline prices higher

If Gov. Jay Inslee and the Legislature adopt a carbon tax, new studies from his office show Washington’s gasoline prices will increase.]

Now that they are in a push for Electric Cars, Bicycle Riders, Vehicles using Less Fuels, where are they going to come up with taxes to pay for all this Infrastructure repairs, they are cutting off their nose to line their pockets with Carbon Future Stocks, they did the same thing when it came to Cigarettes, look at the tax revenue they lost when they went for cutting off cigarettes, now look at the taxes they lost.

Now who is going to pay for all the Bike Lanes that they are installing with people not buying gas to support them, Oh shit that is right, just raise the gas tax and other taxes to support these free loader who are getting these lanes free and not paying any thing for them, I wish I did not have to have a Drivers License or a Vehicle License to use these roadways, but the law says if I want to use them, I have to support them with these Licenses and Gas Taxes, SO, why are these people using these roads not supporting these roads through taxes, like Trucks, Cars, and Motor Cycles, like License Endorsements, Yearly Bicycle License Plates like every one else.

Washington State [Washington’s gas excise tax is 37.5 cents per gallon. It’s good news for Evergreen State drivers that it doesn’t collect any other gas-related fees or taxes, but the combined federal and state excise taxes still amount to more than half a dollar per gallon.] Do We Need Another One Or Two Dollars ($1.00 – $2.00) a Gallon Added To the gas to support these free loaders of our roadways, and that have nothing to do with  Infrastructure Repairs, only their pet projects.

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