Destruction of American and the People

Bob L. Just My Opinion But What Do You Think
Dec. 7th 2014
142131-Hey-BabyToday the American people think that Government is their savory, they let them tell you what you are going to Eat and where, where you can go, what your Education is going to be and who you are going to work for, what type of car you are going to drive (electric), who you are going to buy your products from, like Food, what make of Car you are going to drive, Homes, where you can live, Education, you can go on and on, and the Government Agencies don’t care about you, the American people at all, only just what they can get out of it

Just look around you, the Government is run by the Rich, Environmentalist, Special Church Groups and Religions, and by doing this, the courts are allowed to flaunt the law, so what is the use to even have laws if the Government Agencies are rewriting them to benefit these people.
Lets take the green movement, Rich want to raise prices on any thing that has to do with the green, and by doing this they profit in the Stock Market, Environmentalist want to stop the use of all Fossil Fuels, well if you think about it that goes for all, Oil, Gasoline, Diesel, Propane, Natural Gas, and then what do you do to heat your homes, get to work, no Fossil Fuels mean just that, and that is what every thing runs on, but they for get Wood, wood is also grown in Fossil Fuels.

What, Wood? Yes wood grows through a processes of Fallen Leaves, Dead Trees, and Dead Animal, [Fossil Fuel: A hydrocarbon deposit, such as petroleum, coal, or natural gas, derived from the accumulated remains of ancient plants and animals and used as fuel. Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases generated by burning fossil fuels are considered to be one of the principal causes of global warming.] For all to survive, it takes Carbon Dioxide for people to live on earth, because it feeds the trees to produce the Oxygen that we need to survive, no trees no Oxygen no life, wake up people you are breathing to much ass gas from the stupid over educated people who did not learn when in College.

Now when does it come to an end before people become extinct? It is not going to do any good to just stop every thing, unless that is the plan to thin out the people because of over population.

If the American people had any brains, well if you have a college education, that has been proven as time goes on, has proven to be more on the under educated from the way this Country and the world is moving in the direction of destruction.

Look at the Education today, it is discussing, WHY is it not as important as it was in the past, it is more like a pay check for educators than education for the kids, they don’t seem to want to spend time to see that these kids get a good education by making sure that they are kept interested to improve their worth, how do you do that, work with them to make sure that they get full advantage of all aspect of what they want to do in their life, what kind of job do they want to do, and see that they get that education.

I have seen it go from a time when people could afford to buy a home, buy food, and pay their bills to where they scrape by, but it goes this way get a Government job and you can get a pay check from people who are losing their homes, and can not even afford to rent, they can not even buy a new car, so to keep giving Government workers that pay, they keep raising taxes, and the more they raise taxes the more people are trying to get more pay to pay for these greedy people living off the back of the poor.

Now this comes back to our Education of our Children and Grandchildren and so on, so when it comes down to it, MONEY is more important than teaching our kids, and this comes to where a college education shows where these people never learned any thing but GREED.

When you break it all down, you no longer have the freedom that the United States Constitution provides you, for what the people drew up to get away from over Taxing, and a Dictating Government run by Politicians, and Special Interest for their own Profits, so you now stand as their puppets to provide them a life style that all Americans should be having.

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