Government Sticking It To The People (Washington St.)


Bob L.    Just My Opinion, BUT!
Dec. 16th 2014

homeless2jpg-42c4518543a5ea02Our Government is busy spending so much money on such10590483_797781330281998_4969813968209198746_n things as building Tunnels, hundreds on Speed Circles to save a dollar on Stop Signs, they are dumping money in to putting art up on our streets, but what I don’t see is this state trying to get Companies to hire hundreds of people, or getting Companies to build here and hire.

No they want a company who will hire only college grads, there are more people out there who need a job to who can not afford to go to college, this only shows that Government does not care if you work or not, they just want you to keep paying out what you don’t have, they don’t want the average people to get ahead, they want to keep them broke.

One, Government says that no child will be left behind, but until Government gets out of the School business, children will be left behind and keep getting pushed back farther, the problem is that there to many people who have their fingers in the department of education, why not go back to letting the school do their job like they use to and get the Government, (Federal, States, Counties, Cities, and Unions), then maybe our Children and Grand Children will get an Education that they deserve.

US Sen. Murray aims to tackle No Child Left Behind

KOMO Seattle   Dec 16

Former preschool teacher U.S. Sen. Patty Murray wants to rescue the so-called No Child Left Behind Law in her new role as ranking Democrat on the Senate Health Education Labor and Pensions Committee.
Washington State Governor is stepping into the shoes of a typical Democrat (Obama), stick it to the people so a profit can be made with CAP and TAX to for a profit from Carbon Futures.
I have a feeling that the Counties who are going to face the brunt of this Tax, it will be Peirce, King, and Snohomish Counties along with the other two that have to have E check and who are said to have the highest carbon count, but a lot of cars coming into Pierce and King, they are coming out of Thurston County, with NO E CHECK 

 Governor proposes $12 billion transportation plan

MEDINA — Overlooking the Highway 520 floating bridge project, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee on Tuesday unveiled a proposal he said would address the state’s most pressing transportation needs — fixing bridges and roads and boosting the ferry system while cleaning the air and water.
Let take the profit out of Government coffers and give it back to the people.
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