Who Benefits From Tax Increases, Not The People

Bob L.       Just My Opinion, BUT
Dec. 19th 2014

Is this the future for our Kids and grand kids, well is it, it is taxing our kids home-less and job less, just like they are slowly putting the Poor and Elderly on the street to day.


Who benefits from all these new laws that Governor Inslee is proposing, (cap on car trade-ins, The next time you pull your car into a dealership, it could be worth a lot less than you thought. A proposal by Governor Inslee would cap how much you can get for a trade-in, while making more money for the state.) Tax on bottled water, Carbon tax on polluters, (or is it a profit from that carbon tax as in carbon futures stock that these rich want passed for more money).

We can go on and on and in the long run it will be the poor that will pay the cost in no jobs, loss of a place they call home because they lost it due to increase in these taxes.

The state can go out and spend Millions on take your chance Accidents in a Traffic Circles, but not spend a Hundred Dollars on Stop Signs, where a person who runs it is at fault, but they will say a person will get killed by some one running a stop sign, hay go out and look at how fast some go around these death traps the Cities, Counties, and State are putting in, IF They Are So Great, THEN WHY, are they not putting them on the Highways instead Over and Under passes. WHY, because they are not that safe.

    You read that they don’t have the money for road improvements, but yet they can afford to build Stadium’s, Road Side Art Work, Tunnels before they replace Bridges and Re-pave bad Roads, go out to 72nd and Portland Ave, that intersection is the same way it was when I moved to Ohio for 16 years, I now live back here and see that, that intersection has not changed from when I left, it is still a mess, SO where is, the money being spent.

You keep hearing every one say they don’t have the money and they need to raise taxes to do this work, well look at your car tab renewal, there are 3 three taxes the same that say the same thing, but reworded to make it look legitimate, all it is, is the same tax.

This state is not looking to provide jobs for all the people, if they were they would make it easer for Companies to establish here along with putting people back to work, if that were the fact, then they would not need to raise taxes, this state would be able to provide jobs and have businesses knocking at the door to provide jobs for any ones education level. 

This would be two-fold, Education, Jobs, Infrastructure would be taken care of without raising taxes, but these people who have gone to college think that they know it all, sorry, but they don’t know the difference between Saved and Earned money from spent, this is the way they live, spend, spend, spend, because the make so much money that they don’t care who it hurts, they got their jobs and a roof over their heads.

It is a matter of time before these Government Agencies see that continually raising wages from tax dollars is going to bankrupt this Country, States, Counties, and Cities, then where will they go for this money, a lot of companies have left to go over seas, how many more will be chased out before college educated see what they were taught was wrong, it has nothing to do with a Profitable Business or Government. 

It is all coming down to it that, we as Legal American Citizens are losing our Freedoms every day by Government and non Legal Americans.

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