Typical Politician, Increases Government Jobs $$$

Bob L. Just My Opinion, BUT!!
01 11th 2015


Here we are again starting a new year, and what is the first thing on their agenda? could it be Taxes, why yes, why would it be any different then usual.Government_-_Spending

We have nothing but politicians who want nothing more than fill their wallets from favors from the Rich and the Special Interest Groups, oh we can not forget some unions.

See they want to raise the gas tax, why the price is not where they want it, but the tax has not changed, it is still the same as it was when the gas was at Four or Five Dollars ($4.00) a Gallon, no matter where the price is the tax stays the same, the problem is that they are so educated that they are Stupid, they can not see their nose in front of their face.

The problem is that every time they raise taxes, the cost of every thing goes up, then you have people wanting a pay raise to make up for the increases, but what they are really doing is putting people on limited income farther down and close to being coming homeless, they don’t care they only care about protecting their rich friends.

Ask these politicians what they pay for their suits, then tell them what you can affords when you go out and buy clothe, I don’t know about you but I make so much money that when I say put it on my account, they laugh me right out of the store, and say come back when you have money, do you think that ten Dollars will buy a pair of jeans and a shirt.

I heard that they get Eight Teen cents a gallon ($.18)and want to go up to Twenty Nine cents a Gallon ($.29) or more, then you have in Washington State wanting to go to a Dollar Twenty ($1.20) on top of what it is now, and maybe add a mileage tax, if they want more money for infrastructure, then make all these people who ride bicycle’s buy yearly plates and an endorsement like Motor Cycles, Truck Drivers and Equipment Operators to ride or drive on the roadways, if they get special lanes then make them pay for them, and then you have these people buying Electric cars to keep from buying gas, you use the roads you pay for them, no one should get a free ride.

If you have not noticed, Government Agencies don’t care if the people have jobs, if they did they would be looking for ways to get people back to work and start using less automation and more hands on, look at all the recalls because of speed and poor inspections, just for greed to get more money for their selves, but until they stop excessive Regulating more and taxes, they will keep putting people out of work and home less.


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