Under Educated Government

Bob L.    Just My Opinion, BUT
Feb.14th 2015



Whose Who Believe in America

For a group of so-called College Educated (Government) people sure don’t know how to Balance their check book, but yet they are always telling the American people to live with in their means and not spend more than they make, and save money, but the Government lives in a different world then the American people, where money grows on trees and is endless and will never run out.

This Government says that we are falling behind in education, we are raising illiterate kids, so they think that throwing more money into higher wages and less kids per class will make smarter kids, that is hogwash, what will make Americans smarter is more class room teaching and less home work.

All the Government thinks is, pay more money to Government employees, and every thing will fall into place, well the only thing that I can see is that every time Government gives them selves pay raises they put more people closer to living on the street, this same thing goes for people who work for large companies, the more they get paid the more the Government raises taxes, so where does that leave the rest of the people.

Just like the other day when they were surprised that Yemen fell to the terrorist, well they have been told by others that it was coming for at least the last six months, well this administration is more interested in putting the people into fighting each other just like what is happening over in the foreign Countries.

This administration has their nose stuck into why whites are killing Blacks, Muslims, Mexicans, but say nothing about Blacks killing Blacks, or Blacks killing Whites like that little girl who was killed by a Black a while back, it is time that the American people turn this Country around and put the Government on notice that we are going to take this Country back from them and their corrupt ways.

It time that the people start walking arm and arm and telling non-American Citizens that if you don’t like our Laws, Flag, and Constitution, don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out, we need to be a Country of people for the people not the Government, if we are a people of peace, then lets show it right here in this Country and stop fighting each other, in other words we are no better than what is happening in other parts of the world, is that what WE are about, letting the Government turn us against each other.

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