Another Year Of A Lie

Bob L.     Just My opinion, BUT You Can Not Deny It.
April 5th 2015

Here we go again an other year of a lie about how you get an extra hour of day light after work, see this is what the Rich, Government, and education want you to believe, so you think that they looking out for your interest, HA, HA on you Dummies who can not see the nose on their face.

You know what they call that, some one who has their nose stuck up some ones ass so far, that they believe every thing the Government and News Media tell them, welcome to a Country run by a Dictator Government.

Well if you people think that, that is true than you are the biggest brainwashed person in this Country, they are only looking out for their welfare, WHAT, do they care if you have a good Health Plan other than Obamacare or pay for your own, a good Pay Package to live on, no, they only care about them selves and their Million Dollars and more Pay Package, their fabulous Health Plan to beat no other, just like all Government workers.

These people don’t care if you can afford to buy or keep a roof over your head or your family, drive around and look where they live, a Home, one or more summer homes scattered around the world, and what do you have, A BRAIN THAT BELIEVES EVERY THING THEY TELL YOU, and how can you come up to that conclusion, the people don’t stand up to them and tell them that they have had enough of their greedy crap, until people start using their education to better use, this Country is not why our Ancestors came to this Country to get away from.

Getting back to daylight savings time, how can you gain an hour when you set you clocks Forward One Hour, that means that you lost one hour, you can not gain more daylight by moving it BACK one Hour, 2+2=4, 2×2=4 that is standard time, now take one hour away and what do you have? 3 THREE, that means one hour less after work, and one hour before you go to work to take in some golf, you can only gain an hour if you set your clocks back one hour, if you can not see that, then all the education in the world shows why we are falling behind the rest of the world in education.

And what does that do for us here in the United States, it shows that our education system is so over controlled by Governments, Federal, State, Counties, Cities, AND Unions who are only out for TAXES and PROFITS, NOT EDUCATION, we need to get back to where the local school board and People have control of the education, Teachers and Pay, this Country needs to get back to where the people have the say not these other people.

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