Run Your Ass Is On Fire From Just Sitting On It

Bob L.      Just My Opinion Short And Sweet, BUT
May 6th 2015

People today are just sitting on their asses and doing nothing about what this Government, Corporations, and Unions are doing to this Country.

Today Government is more into putting people out of work and calling it Global Warming, they have no respect for any legal U.S. Citizen to have a job, they would rather put Americans out of work and hire people from around the world, is this not true?

Look around and see how many work visas are handed out every year to people coming here hired by Companies who are having their employee’s train them to take their jobs, and what is this Country doing about it, bending over backwards to accommodate them, so who are these people sitting with all this power to get buy with it, Cities, Counties, States, and Federal employees who you keep voting in, who are traveling abroad to get them to come here with offers of jobs, WOW, so much for American jobs.

People today have no room to complain because they don’t have a job, they are letting the Government get away with it and are doing nothing about it, they would rather sit around and be a freeloader and live off the lucky ones who still have a job, Well being a freeloader will eventually bite you in the ASS.

Stop letting the Government and the Unions do your bidding, they only care about the money, not you, every time you get a raise they get a raise, so where did that money go to that you got? (Union Dews, and Taxes). Are the unions saving your jobs, or are they allowing people coming into this Country to walk in to these jobs that you are losing???

I am not saying unions are all bad, but they are more now for Money and control, just like the Government is doing today, controlling every thing you do, just get up off your FAT ASS and lets get this Country back to the Legal United States American Citizen, not Corporate or Government, let’s get jobs, not Global Warming, jobs first then lets work on Global Warming.

Which is more important today, jobs or losing them to the Environmentalist, Rich, and Government Employees to profit at the stock market while you and your children starve and keep a roof over your heads, eventually the Government is going to take away all this free-living that these free loaders are living on, and then where will you be, no job and a cardboard box called home.

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