Greedy, Greedy, Pants On Fire

Bob L      Just My Opinion, BUT
May 8th 2015

Is it my imagination, or is it that people today are so greedy that they will do just about any thing to get what they want. It is not Liar, Liar, any more, it is Greedy, Greedy, Give Me, Give Me, well with that attitude, you are getting what you want, HIGHER TAXES, HIGHER PRICES with less take home.

Every time I turn on the news, I see people protesting just about any thing to get what they want, now they want to stop our kids from getting summer job to pay for their next years schools supply’s, and besides keeping them from getting a good work habit so they will know that life is not a hand out, and you have to work for what you get, and not given to you on a silver platter.

Look at what is happening today, the Government is brain washing our kids to the point that if you want any thing, just protest and you will get it free and clear, but how can you get any thing with out an education, oh that is right, to get any thing done, they will bring people in from around the world, they will work cheaper than the American Citizen.

Do you think our kids today are getting the education that they deserve, I my self don’t think so, there is to much testing and not enough in school teaching, most of the education today is sent home in home work, and then go back to school the next day and take a test on what you did in your home work, that is not an education, that is just laziness by the educators today, all you here is more money, more money, then maybe they will teach another year with out picketing for more money.

What happen to Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic, in your head, not on the Computers they have in the schools today, somewhere in all this, there is some one making a profit from the way our kids are being taught, it just looks a little fishy when these kids are falling behind foreign education. WHY IS THAT? WHY ARE OUR KIDS FALLING BEHIND? People to lazy to do any thing about it, but not to lazy to want more for them selves.

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