America Today

Bob L.     From what I see today, Just My Opinion.
June 22nd 2015

America what is it?  What I see today is a Country of Whiners, Cry Babies, and Cowards so afraid to stand up and to protect the freedom that we have that no other Country can say that they have, if THEY did, than why do so many want to come to this country? Is it because of Freedom and Prosperity, this is all being taken away by these same people because they don’t want to live by our laws, and the United States Constitution, and this goes for our own Government who are suppose have a College Education, the people on the street have a better Education then them (street education), you can not learn every thing out of a book.

People knock the blacks for being lazy, in a way yes you can say truthfully that some are, those are the race baiters that don’t want to see this Country ever become diverse, and to get every one get out there and shake hands and let every one get on with their life, then you have blacks out there standing up for this Country and defending its honor, though are the ones who can call themselves true Americans.

Sure you have Blacks, Whites, and Foreigners  that will never get on with life and become an American Citizen, they would rather sit back and complain about how they were slaves, or how they are being  mistreated and want to Riot, well the blacks today as every one else were never owned by slave owners, if you want to talk about slave owners, lets talk about all Americans that are under the control of the RICH, and all Government Agencies, now there is modern-day Slave Owners who controls every ones lives, if you don’t believe me vote against some thing that they want, see how long it will last, or, they pass it any way, now that is slavery.

If all these black want to be Americans then say you are an American not African-American, so many of these people have never been to Africa to say that they are African, if that is what they want then go to Africa and fight for their freedom there, in other words my hat is off to though who believe in America and call themselves Americans and want to fight to protect it, but what do they get for protecting freedom, they are called murders for standing up to terrorism.

If you want to get picky, every one in this Country if you look back through history, they can say that they are, oh gee every one in this Country is from another Country, if you checked back through history you would probably find out that even the Native Americans came here from South America, Europe when there was an ice bridge, Alaska, Canada, and Mexico.

Today people talk big, then when shit hits the fan and people should step up and be counted, but what do they do, they start Whining, Crying like cowards that they are and hide behind the Church, and their don’t do Organizations saying stop, but then when all hell breaks loose, they want to know why nothing was done about it to keep it from happening, that is the cowards way.

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