Without Exercising Intelligent Judgment

Bob L.    Who deserve pay and cost of living increases every year?
Aug. 16 2015

The Poor and Seniors again will get the shaft by our Government Bureaucrat (an official who works by fixed routine without exercising intelligent judgment.) if 2016 Presidential candidates get their way, Democrats, Republicans, and Independent’s (more money for them selves).

Every year all Government Employees get a pay raise and cost of living, well most of the time, why are they guaranteed a pay raise when the working class have to fight for every Pay Raise, Cost of Living (if they can get it), Health Insurance (if they can get it), and Retirement, not so for Government (it’s automatic).

They talk about Entailments, who are the ones who get all these Entailments, Government workers, and Free Loaders who sit at home on welfare, they get better benefits than Seniors and the Working Poor, there are people who want a job, but the Government let these job we once had be Outsource to other Countries for more money in their pockets (stock market).

Now our Government Bureaucrat want to know why they have no tax base to keep this Country Operating, well look at what they have done, they have Regulated an Taxed jobs right out of this Country, go into stores today and see how many people are at check out counters working.

Check out these people who have big retirements and draw Social Security, Medicare along with Medicaid, and live in $200,000 Homes and more, have a Motor Home, Snow Mobiles, Boats, and you can go on and on, some of them have not even paid a dime in to it, now who is really getting these Entailments, not the people who really need it, but they till want to take it away from there only income, not the ones who have a good Retirement.

They say they only get $98,ooo a year to live on, my self and a lot of other people wish they had that to live on every year, but those people have more than that to live on like, Speaking engagements, Stocks, Bonds, and some have jobs that they take away from people who need them.




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