Here We Go Again January First, (bend over people)

Bob L.    Just My Opinion, But Always True.
Oct. 16 2015

imagesHere we go again, Seniors, Disabled, and Military, going to take it in the ass again so Government Employees can get their Pay Raise and Cost of Living to keep up with Inflation, don’t you know that they are the only ones who can go on strike, get laid off and come back to work and not lose ONE DOLLAR like the rest of us for time lost.

These Adam Henrys who pass these laws think that cost of living has stopped just because ONE product in the chain has gone down, but they still get their increases because the cost of every thing else has not stopped going up, like Health Insurance, Car Insurance, Food, Utilities, Clothing, yes gas has gone down (not in Washington State) BUT for how long, after they freeze all income from the people who live on a limited income and that is what they need to pay  for product that have not stopped from going up.

Hay you greedy jerks I don’t have Natural Gas or Propane, I have Electric and it keeps going up, I save and they are given a way to take away by Government what I save by adding another charge to the bill, so you are never going to win.


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