Greed At Its Best And Worst

Bob L.
Nov. 29th 2015

Just My Opinion, But, What I Have Seen In 65 years, I am 72.

Any one in past years can tell you the same thing, it was about 1965 when greed started to show its ugly head, Corporations did not think that it’s workers should live as good as them, you take it from there.

They blamed K-mart, Target, and now Wal-Mart for their demise of why they are going out of business.

Well there are several ways that this has happened, look at their track record, they started giving them selves bigger wages and paying their workers less, by this I mean, if the workers had to pay for their own Medical, and Retirement, and every thing else, they could put it in their own pocket, and by charging higher prices, this could them more to live high on the hog, but the problem is that they are not happy with that, this brings it to the day in point, NOW, States going bankrupt, stores closing, jobs going over seas, or what they call outsourcing to people who will work cheaper.

Take all businesses today, like Sears, Pennys, K-mart, ya remember K-mart was taken over by sears holding, need to say more, they are also going broke, unless you make $1oo,000.00 Dallors, you can not afford to shop there any more without selling your ass to them.

Now the Employees say if they cooperate exec. and CEO”S can pay them selves more, then they could afford to pay them more and all benefits, does that sound familiar, Government Employees from the top to the bottom, have the same problem, you hear it all the time, I can get more pay if I go to so and so, I say if that is the case then go, don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out, go break some other State, City, or County or School District, you sure don’t teach these kids in a classroom any more, you send it home for them to do it.

Lets take this group of Fifteen Dollar and hour or more ($15 dollar), when they close these jobs that people need, will they stay with that company for the rest of their life, NO, they will tell these companies to go to hell and run to the nearest job that pays more (GREED) and will kick some one else out of a job that they worked most of their life, greed is so bad in this country today, people will kill to take a job they want, and that is not America, it nothing more than a Country fighting its own people, look around and you will see why, 7 years back from today.

Look around at how many jobs left, but the employee had to train some one else to do their job, if they did not they could not get unemployment when that job left, now who was in control, the Company and the Government, just to make sure you can not leave until they are trained, they wanted to teach them a lesson for wanting more and digging in to their pay check of millions that they don’t need to live on.

No one is worth a pay of $100,000.00 or more, that should be the maximum pay any one should get paid, I don’t care who they are, this Country would be a richer place to live if wages and prices were compatible to gether and not based on sales, it seems that when people start buying some thing they jack up the prices, leave the prices flat across the board and profits will follow, a good example, when Subway went to $5.00 footlong, profits rose, and if some one wants to raise their product price, then you start making your own, and if every one did that, then that would stop any one from sucking eggs, every one has to work together or nothing can work.

GREED PROMOTES GREED untill you stop it, this Country is going to destroy its self by greed, and then what will you have, NOTHING every one has to work arm in arm if we are going to get ever one back to work, we have to shut down these groups that are destroying this Country for their own gain (MONEY).

Then comes the Union, the employee wants more, than the union wants about 15% of what you get, so where does that all get you, I am not saying the Unions are all bad, but when a Union does nothing but sit on their ass and say they are working for you, look at what is happening to Companies today, they are going out of business, leaving this Country, and WHY, GREED, top to the bottom and in the middle.



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