Destruction Of The U.S. Citizens

Bob L.
January 3rd 2016

Does any one have any ides what is happening here and around the world, oh every one thinks that they do, but it is all nothing but big talk.

Why are there so many starving children, why are there so many in poverty today, GREED of so many at the top who say they were elected to protect all United States Citizens, are they or have they NO, not any more, it is all for one, ME, hell with you, fend for your self in this sinking Country. it’s all your fault, you elected me and kept me here to line my pockets.

Who are they, Rich Corporations who refuse to hire people because it would cut into their bottom line and their pay checks and life styles, and all their free perks that they deny the people who are lucky to have a job with them.

Government and all Government workers who keep wanting more money, to do what bankrupt this country and all around the world with their greed, ( oh we can not live on what we are being paid, BULL SHIT, how about the people who live on what the Government allows you, Minimum Wage, a Set Income and tells you that you are not entitled to more pay because you are dumb and stupid, that is what out Government has been telling the minorities all these years, and the people who are retired.

To put it all in a nut shell, this country (U.S.A.) in its self spends more Money on Alcohol now Marijuana, Illegal Drugs and Sports, then it does for SUPPLY’S (not teachers wages) to educate our children, what good is it going to do to teach our children sports if you are not going to give them a Good Education, with out that they will do nothing but be a free loader on the system, THAT your taxes pay for, to do nothing but laugh at every one who is paying for them to be lazy, HA,HA, you fools support me, I get paid not to work.

Wages are so far out of sight that if it keeps going we will no longer have a Country to live in, and this goes for the destruction of our U.S. Constitution that our For Fathers put to gather for the protection of this nation, this is now being torn apart by people who want every thing done their way, this is why these laws were crafted was to keep this from happening.

This is our Country and we want it to be left FREE for the Legal Citizens of this Country, not for some President to rewrite the laws to see how he see fit and change them to benefit him and his Cronies.

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