Last Ounce Of COURAGE

Bob L.
Feb. 18th 2016

10590483_797781330281998_4969813968209198746_nI watched a good movie that showed just how many people in this Country are COWARDS, and will not stand up to protect our Constitution and freedoms.
Last Ounce Of COURAGE, year came out 2012, DO YOU HAVE THE GUTS to stand up and stop what is going on today in this Country, or are you a sniveling ass COWARD. Watch the movie and stand up against what is going on and what they are trying to take away from us, OUR FREEDOM!


This Country has become nothing but a bunch of sniveling COWARDS, every time this country need your help, you run as fast as they can to Canada, Mexico, or anywhere else where the Government can not get to you. NO Amnesty For Cowards.

But yet, they cry that they are losing their FREEDOM, gee I wonder why, I would say that about Eighty Percent of the American Citizens are more worried about them selves, that they can not see or care about what is happening to this Country.

Look at how they are treating our MILITARY, THESE are the PEOPLE who are not afraid to step forward to protect our FREEDOM, sure we should not be fighting other people’s battles, but where would we be today if they did not.

There Should only be THREE FLAGS flown in this Country, Our Country, Our State, and Our Missing In Action to show that we still hope, and NO OTHER, and if you don’t like it leave.

Our religion has even shown that they are Cowards, they won’t stand arm and arm to fight for the freedom of religion, the blacks say black lives matter when a white person shoots a black, but say nothing when a black shoots a black, I thought black lives mattered, or is that when some one else does the shooting. All lives matter, no matter who you are.

Are you the Lazy Chicken Ass Cowards who will not defend our freedoms from foreign and special rights groups that are allowed to do any thing they want, because the Government has given them special protection and rights, take away those rights and make all American Citizens equal with the same rights.


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