What Are The Issues?????

Bob L
March 3rd 2016

I have never seen so many Babies that want to line their pockets so bad, they will do any thing to stop some one else from become President.

I thought when you ran for a pubic office you were suppose to talk about the issue, I have not heard one thing come out of their mouth but to spread hate, is that what this Country has become, all I have seen happen in the last NINE Years is a Country that has become hate full to every one.

You now have people who think they are slaves that have never been a slave, but people, unless you are a millionaire you are a slave to the RICH and the Government, if you don’t think so look around you, then tell we that we are not slaves.

So if you vote for any of these candidates who are not talking about the issues and more worried about lining their pockets, then you deserve what you get, another Obama, Bush and a lier.

We need People in Government who will bring this Country back to a free Country and not a Dictator run Government, that is very unlikely unless we control who we in to office, and get rid of them if they don’t do their job, they are not there to get rich they are there to protect the people and the Country and it’s Constitution, don’t let them stay in office, get rid of them as soon as they step out of line.

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