Who Is Discriminating Against Who

Bob L.
March 7th 2016

Blacks, Gays, Muslims, and so on, they all say they are being discriminated against, now look at it the other way, they say whites are discriminating them, but at the same time they are doing the same in reverse.

I have no problem with any of these people until they go out and flaunt their rights that the Government gave them to Discriminate against others, they are not just discriminating against whites when they protest, they are discriminating against all others, so what this Country is, is a Country that has no respect for others rights.

Every day some one is discriminating against some one no matter who, WHY, because Our Government gave them the right to discriminate against others, SO IF YOU WANT RESPECT, respect others and their rights, don’t go out and flaunt your rights, all that does is make matters worse.

Ask your self, WOULD YOU hire some one if you knew that, that person would sue you, I don’t think so, so what good does it do to go out and protest and make an ass of your self and make people hate you, your beliefs and hate you even more.

Don’t flaunt what you are in front of every one, so you are Black, Gay, a Muslim, or any other, life is not fair for any one unless you are Rich, or the Government, and Race Baiters, they are the ones who are discriminating and forcing the problems in this Country and around the world.

Stop hate your self, don’t let the Government, Race Baiters, or special interest tell you get involved, only you as a person can do it. So stop forcing your beliefs on others, so lets work together to stop hate.

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