By The People FOR The People

Bob L.
March 13th 2016

What in the hell does this mean, BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE, all I can see is that it stands for is by the PEOPLE for the Government for (the rich) what ever THEY want, not the majority of the people, here again it goes to the minority (a few) NOT the Majority (the most), their favorite words are, you don’t know whats good for you, so we are going to tell you what is, just as long as they get what they want.

That Is Not, For The People, By The People!!!!

How many years have people been complaining about DAY LIGHT SAVING TIME, what has any one done about it, nothing but complain, no one has the back bone to stand up to the Governments and get control back from them and the Rich, along with Special Interest Groups who are Bankrupting this Country, get your head out of your ass, and see what is going on before it is to late to stop the Runaway Governments from Bankrupting the People and the Country.

To many people today sit back and say, Oh Well, or What Ever, is that what this Country has become, a lot of spoiled and over Educated that don’t know what is right or wrong, all they care about is, will it benefit ME, the hell with any one else.


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