Why It’s Not The Best Country Any More

Bob L.
March 21st 2016

To start it out, [Why America Isn’t The Greatest Country Any More] (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPHSXUS0_1c). Do you believe that, as of the last Ten Years, I believe it, because this Country has become nothing but a Country of BULLIES, TERRORIST, AND DICTATORS. Peoples Dreams, this is all being taken away by these people.

Why Dictators, did you have a chance to vote on the Affordable Care Act?, are you Afforded freedom of speech with out some Special Interest Group allowed by Government to stop you,? that is happening today, you have Terrorist and Special interest groups that Government gave rights to, while you the American Citizen, no matter who you are, well I should say that are not in these groups, you have to get out of their way, or they will file a discrimination suite against you for harassment.  

Now you try to not say that this Country has not become Government controlled by Federal, States, Counties, and Cities by the Rich, Special Interest, Terrorist, and some Unions, especially Government Unions.

How many of your rights have been taken away from you, lets say starting from the early  Sixties when the Rich and Government started to distance them self from the private working class in wages and benefits.

Today freedom of speech has been taken away for political correct wording for some not others, same for right to vote, now it seems to be open for any one to vote in this Country whether you live here or not, they can now get campaign from around the world just because they have a Business here in this Country.

Come on true U.S. American Citizens, the Courts  are not even going by the U.S. Constitution, they are giving Criminals more rights to do what they want and get away with it, but the victims have no rights to protect themselves, this also go’s for Discrimination, some have the right to discriminate others don’t, so where are your rights to have a say in this Country that have not been taken away by a Dictator Government, it seems that every thing is done behind closed doors, passed, then exposed to the people to take it in the ASS, as they say with out grease.

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