Irresponsible, Greedy, Dictators, What Else???

Bob L
March 23rd 2016

imagesWe no longer have any Government for the people by the people.

Is this what this Country has become, a nation so GREEDY do any thing to get what they want, it sound like there is no one who wants to protect this Country and the people, just themselves.

When Government is a life time job to get rich off the backs of the American people, when are the people going to get off their ass and tell these Politicians this Country is not theirs to get rich on, it has gotten so bad that we the people are supposed to kiss their ass, not the other way around, they are supposed to kiss our ass. Recall and Throw out any one who goes against our laws of this Country and the Constitution.

Donald Trump Threatens to ‘Spill the Beans’ on Cruz’s Wife

Trump took aim at Cruz after racy photo of Melania used in ad. Cruz I knew nothing about it, yah right just like the White house does not know about who is behind the protesting.

Trump could say a lot about the other Candidate, but if you have really been paying attention to Trump you would see that he has not been as dirty as the others have been, I hear more of the issue from Trump than I have heard from the others, all I hear from the others is dirty Politics to stop Trump, and every thing that Obama said when he became President, all talk and nothing for the people.

Trump talks big, but at least he is talking about this Country not crap just to get elected, do you really think that if any of the others running will do what they say they are going to do what they say, look at what Obama said, and did he make life better like he said, NO, worse. Is this what you want in this Country.

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