Supporting Racial Profiling

Bob L
Oct. 15th 2016

Teachers who are suppose to be teaching all Americans to work together and stop Racism and Racial Profiling, today are taking sides and dividing this Country even more.

Every teacher who takes sides is showing how racist they are, this shows that they have no intentions of ever stopping hatred toward any one, they are promoting it.

Any one who promotes Racism and racial profiling should be reprimanded and fined a Thousand dollars for the first offense, and add a thousand for each offense after that, that also go’s for any Government organization who takes sides.

We have a Government that takes sides, so as long as this keeps on going we will never get people working to gather and stop racism, this administration has divided this Country so bad, will we ever get this Country out of Slavery, I don’t think so because the people do not have control, the rich are running us, so you are now slaves to the rich and controlled by the Government law makers.

We are a Country started by people smarter that the people we have today who only see DOLLAR SIGNS, not freedom for the people, they only see slaves and how many they can keep under their thumbs to keep them from getting ahead and prove that they are people not their personal slaves.

Come on people lets stop giving out special rights and privileges to a few, remember, we are the builders of this Country, let’s make sure every one has the same equal rights, not just a few, as long as this stays this way we will never be a Country of one working to protect what we have, FREEDOM.

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