All Washington State Governments Greed

Bob L
Oct. 16th 2016

Better Planing, Better Engineering, Less throwing money At It.

How do you slow down gridlock? You don’t build larger highways, or charge people to use them, you charge people who live more than fifteen miles from where they work, those are the people who live in Olympia, Bremerton,Gig Harbor, Yelm, Eatonville, and drive every day to Tacoma, Seattle, not people whose job moves around, it is not just the highways, it is all roadways, because people are moving farther out, TAXES are just one, there are to many more to mention, it comes down to Greed.

[Bill Bryant for Washington State Governor: Our traffic is the fourth worst in the nation. Governor Jay Inslee‘s solution? More toll lanes and more congestion. Inslee has left us sitting in these traffic jams. I’m running for governor because I don’t think you should have to spend more time in traffic and pay for the privilege. I drive in this, I get it, as your next governor I’ll fix it.]

How about putting that money in to mass transit, not bigger highways

You can not build larger highways and expect traffic to be less con-jested, look at the states that have ten and fifteen lanes wide, they still have con-jested traffic, and with that people move farther out, so what is the solution, engineering has made our highways bigger death traps.

Why do I say that, as a retired truck driver, I say more people run the fast lane and wait till the last minuet to take the exit they want, well that leads to more accidents and more deaths, and who gets the blame, a truck driver, not the people who really caused it in the first place, the person in a big hurry who weaves in and out of traffic.

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